Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Wednesday - The green green houses of Zaanse Schans

As tourist destinations in NL go, this must score pretty high, although not overwhelmingly so, as say the Keukenhof or the Van Gogh Museum.

It's a collection of houses and buildings that are typical from the area, scattered along a polder, providing lots of picture perfect spots.

There are a cheese shop, a mini Albert Heijn museum (the giant of the Dutch supermarkets was born in the area), a cafe and a restaurant and the unavoidable pannenkoek house.

Along the canal, you can visit several very interesting functioning windmills producing oils, flour, spices, etc...

There's a also a clog workshop (but more about this on tomorrow's post).

Entrance to the area is free (the parking is 7.50euro) and some of the attractions have a small entrance fee.

It makes for an enjoyable day out and kids will love the abundance of pets and toys provided for their entertainment.

PS: if you are by car don't miss a visit to this amazing hotel in Zaandam. Bonus point: there's a Primark next to it!

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