Saturday, 8 June 2013

Saturday - Plenty of fish in Scheveningen

Almost unmissable for those out there wishing to have a close acquaintance with the Dutch culinary culture, is the celebration of the so called "new herring".

It means that the latest "harvest" of this prized blue fish has been marinated enough in its special brine and is now ready for consumption.

There's always a debate among expats about this Dutch rite which is perceived by many as weird and disgusting. For many is the fact that the fish looks slimy and raw. For others is the fact that it is normally served covered in freshly chopped onion, with a pickled cucumber on the side and you eat it with we could call a top bottom approach, by hanging it above your open mouth.

I personally have eaten it and found it delicious and I am always wary (not only when it comes to fish) about people who judge without trying things first, as long of course they don't have a medical reason.

The Vlaggetjes Dag (Little Flags Day, because on this occasion the ships were and still are decorated with small Dutch flags), or the festival of  Hollandse Nieuwe, will be celebrated today in harbour of Scheveningen, with a wide sampling choice, music and entertainment for kids and grown ups.

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