Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Tuesday - Don your clogs and have your picture taken

It seems that one of the main trades of Vollendam, after the closure of the Ij and decline of its fishing trade and next to being the birthplace of countless Dutch celebrity singers, is the production of portraits of people wearing a typical Dutch outfit.

Along the short seaside promenade, scattered in between cafes and gebakken vis joints, there are several photographer shops offering to have your picture taken in an Oud-Hollandse outfit.

For people who brought their own camera, against the reasonable payment of 5 euro, there's even the possibility to just "rent" an outfit for a short time and have their picture taken by a friend.

Needless to say, countless pictures of local and international celebrities are on display in the windows, like this picture of Ronaldo, taken when he was still young and beautiful (yes, I do have a questionable taste in men) and playing for PSV.

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