Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Wednesday - Browse for books under Gothic arches in Maastricht

Stepping into most bookshops and just browse around is a pleasure as such.

It is an extra bonus if the bookshop is a remarkable building in itself, such as the Selexys bookshop in Maastricht, which is housed in a former XIII century Gothic Dominican church.

It hosts exhibitions, talks, books presentations and has an English section.

UPDATE: 7/7/14

It seemed for some time last year that the most beautiful bookshop in The Netherlands was threatened with closure, due to the bankruptcy of the chain owning it, however somehow they managed to keep it open.

Last Friday afternoon I was lucky enough to visit it and I must say it lives up to the hype with its high ceilings of the nave covered with rests of frescoes, a cafe where the altar used to be and a good selection of new and used books.

Go there and buy a book or check their website for details on how to support the bookshop and contribute to keep this gem alive!

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