Monday, 21 January 2013

Monday - Visit a museum and look out for the Winter scenes of yore

Yesterday afternoon, when it had just started snowing, I was walking in the local park when a classic Dutch Winter scene opened in front of me: bare trees, families skating on the canals and children playing ice hokey on a frozen pond.

I was instantly reminded of the wonderful paintings of Hendrick Averkamp, painted during the last small Ice Age of the XVI Century, with their winter fairs, skaters and frozen lakes.

Averkamp's paintings can be admired in several Dutch museums: the Mauritshaus (currently hosted at the Geemente Museum Den Haag), the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and at the Stedelijk museums in Kampen and Zwolle.

Look out for the posh gentlemen skating in fancy clothes, the people fishing through a hole in the ice and a guy in the loo...

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