Sunday, 22 September 2013

Sunday - Peace of Utrecht's 300 years birthday bash

The first time I ever heard about a place called Utrecht was at school when we studied the eponymous Treaty, signed in 1713 between France, Spain, England and several other countries.

France and Spain agreed to be BFF, Sicily went to Savoy, some more land was officially by decree stolen to the Native Americans, the Spanish Netherlands (what's today's NL and north of Belgium) went to the Holy Roman Emperor...and much more!

So this year Utrecht celebrates that Peace that put it on the map with conferences, shows and exhibitions.

Among other events, today it's day 2 of the Basis Festival in Soest, with the shelters of Soesterberg's Military base open to the public and packed with performances, act, kids' activities and even an assault course (to make peace, possibly?...)

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