Monday, 23 September 2013

Monday - Flying high

Major nerd alert for this post, although I must say that all kind of people show up in the several spotting posts around Schiphol: mothers with small kids and massive camera lenses, couples who wish to take a romantic stroll under the gasoline fumes, your average plane-spotters with binoculars and jackets with many pockets and even elderly gentlemen equipped with chairs, blankets and lekker bakje's.

Anyway, the latest star on Schiphol's runaways is the A380 from Emirates, which lands daily around 13.00 and take off to Dubai a couple of hours later.

This is a massive, spectacular machine, a proper feat of international engineering and when you stand under it while it lands, you can admire a wonderful human achievement and also feel a lot like Bono in Beautiful Day.

Below the tips from the man of the house:

Check this link 2 or 3 hrs before
to see if the flight is on time or not. When you are close to Schiphol, better check this link ( to see which runway will be used for landing: most of the times it will be the Polderbaan and Zwanenburgbaan.

In any case the most eastern runway will always be used to receive the A380 (this is the Zwanenburgbaan).

For take off, check the link again ( to see which runway is going to be used or listen to frequency 121.6500 with a scanner (Startup control Schiphol).

The flight number is EK147 and arrival is every day scheduled at 13.30h, departure at 15.30h.

To check the codes of the runways see:

See? Proper nerds stuff!
Copyright: still the man of the house.

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