Saturday, 17 August 2013

Saturday - The Kroller Muller Museum

This museum in the middle of the Hoge Veluwe National Park, never overcrowded, allows visitors to enjoy the paintings without having to elbow their way to the front.

The Van Goghs are plentiful and cover a wide period of the artist's lifetime, so you will have the chance to marvel at the 'Potato eaters' in all their glumness for as long as you wish.

Check out the paintings from other Dutch artists like Jan and Charlie Toorop plus several pieces from international artists, including the modern art equivalent of H&M: Picasso.

The museum would be perfect enough as such, however there's much more to discover in the surrounding Sculpture Garden.

In the midst of a beautiful park, massive sculptures pop up unexpectedly from behind hydrangea bushes and in-between the trees.

For the smaller pieces, mainly bronzes, there are 2 open air pavilions.

My personal favourite: the massive, labyrinthine and accessible Jardin d'email (enamel garden) from Dubuffet.

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