Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Wednesday - Ride the surrey with the fringe on top...

....just not in Oklahoma but in Gelderland, which might sound a bit underwhelming, but I am sure it's worth a try!

Fancy a horse cart ride, followed by a picnic and a thriller night show in which the audience becomes part of the play? Or a walk in an ancient forest and a bbq?

Then look no further than the Huifcarcentrum Bergh in Gelderland.

I got tipped on this one thanks to a brochure from Triodos bank, one of the ethical banks available in NL. It seems this is a project they are financing.

The main attraction of the place is clearly the cart riding, however it seems to be a quite family friendly place suitable for a nice day out in the nature and they (as well) are soon going to have a corn maze.

And now let's sing along!

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