Thursday, 20 June 2013

Thursday - Go! Kart!

There's an amount of indoor things in NL that in other, let's call them less meteorologically challenged, countries would be hosted outside: water parks, skiing slopes and...go kart circuits.

Especially in days like this, when according to all hell is about to break loose, it's good to have a few entertainment options indoor.

I personally didn't dare trying ( I don't have a driving license and just the thought of sitting behind a steering wheel make me what to run away screaming and hide in a cupboard) but I have witnessed my friends doing it and they seemed to have an amazing time.

We have been to the karting track in Delft, but there are several others around NL.

In De Uithof, you can even chose between concrete and ice.

As for me, I will still settle for the comfortable seats of the bar and raise my beer to your racing skills...

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