Monday, 15 April 2013

Monday - Push it to the Limes

As always, on Monday shops open late and museums are closed and since the weather seems to be getting better and better (so good in fact it's almost scary), it's nice to engage in some outdoor activities.

The Limes was the border of the Roman Empire and actually its northern side was located not far from here, along the old bed of the river Rijn, which used to be much larger, ending just outside Katwijk.

Several milestones, rests and other archaeological bits testifying its presence are visible in many of the Dutch cities that were built along it.

There's even a Limes bicycle route that goes from Katwijk all the way to Regensburg in Germany, following the path of the ancient border.

                                          *Totally unrelated picture of beach huts in Katwijk.

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