Friday, 19 April 2013

Friday - 1000 drawings for a colorful favela

The grand finale of "1000 drawings" happens today in Amsterdam, with a program filled with music and colourful art sessions.

The aim is to collect money to finance the renovation of the favelas, through the project Favela Painting.

During these months, since the project was launched, anyone could submit their arty-work in A5 and today they will have the chance to purchase it back, with a 10 euro donation.

Those who didn't submit anything, but would like to enjoy the evening and do something for charity, are invited too.

Throughout the nights bands will be playing and experienced artist will be showing how to improve your next submission.

Some of the workshops really deserve a mention, I am thinking of things like drawing in the dark (with Lula Hoop), drawing with blood, the pinball drawing machine, sand animation story telling...and many more!

Starting at 20.00 at the Flemish Art Centre De Brakke Grond.

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