Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Tuesday - Triumph of the trompe l'oeil in Den Haag

Awful pun indeed, and I do realise that I posted a lot about stuff happening in Den Haag lately, but this one is a must see and it ends next Sunday.

I took a visiting friend to the Panorama Mesdag and while there, we were lucky enough to chance upon an exhibition of stunning paintings by the British artist Paul Critchley.

Cut out windows that open on hilly panoramas, imaginary doors that reflect the visitors image and put him in the scene, a whole apartment purpose build for the occasion inside the Panorama, where bits of reality (a telephone cord, a radiator, a lamp) mix with the painted version of it.

It's truly entertaining and somehow interactive art and great fun to discover what it's real and when the artist is trying to trick you.

Look out for the fly on the turkey, the (painted) cctv and the photo booth with your image in.


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