Sunday, 10 March 2013

Sunday - The day after the night before, or the follow up of the Rotterdam Museum Night

We went to the Rotterdam Museum Night yesterday and my own personal top prize for this year's most entertaining venue goes to the Rotterdam Museum.

We witnessed a match of "blow-dry-your-hankie-across-a-ping-pong-table", courtesy of the creative duo behind Air Match, sipped delicious cocktails with a Surinamese twist, sang karaoke in Dutch and performed  "The Bottle of Tears" symphony for half full (or half empty) glasses and coloured bottles, directed by the talented bohemian guys and galls from The Jumping Flea Market.

Oh yeah, and there was a knitting club as well.

Among all these wonders, I have also discovered the Mesh Print Club: a collective of designers, artists and printers who organise monthly workshops in screen printing and stencilling and offer specially tailor made classes to students and company groups.

The Rotterdam Museum, by the way, is closed at the moment, awaiting relocation scheduled in 2016 to the Rotterdam Forum, designed by Dutch star architect Rem Koolhas.

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