Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sunday - Time for coffee and cake (yes, again)

It's cold and bleak outside with more snow on its way for this afternoon. If you really need to go out, then make sure that a warm and cosy place is at hand for some coffee and cake.

My personal favourite in Utrecht is De Bakkerswinkel, on the Wittevrouwestraat.

It is actually part of a chain with shops in Amsterdam and Den Haag, but each venue is different and adapted to the building it's hosted in.

This one in Utrecht is located in a pretty canal house and has a bakery and cake shop at the entry level where you can buy delicious breads and slices of cakes.

A staircase leads you to the basement, a beautiful vaulted space with a view on the canal, filled with nooks and crannies where you can snug up and enjoy a cup of coffee with the tasty treat of your choice.

High teas are available as well, alas with whipped cream instead of double one (but this is obviously a very middle class problem...).

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