Monday, 25 February 2013

Monday - Have lunch in a (former) factory in Endhoven

While browsing on Pinterest yesterday evening, I came across the Radio Royaal in Eindhoven.

Originally a Philips' factory building, it now hosts a restaurant. It was actually supposed to be just a pop-up venue, but visitors liked it so much that it was converted in a permanent business.

Walls are left unpainted, machinery is still around as are the old tiles and floors. A scattering of chairs, tables and sofas picked from second hand shops and some food "portraits" complete the decoration.

From the pictures it looks like a really cool lofty, space and the "French/German" menu sounds quite promising.

UPDATE 12/06: we went for dinner last Saturday and indeed we loved it. The structure is amazing, and because it was a lovely summery evening, full of light and balmy air. Part of the machinery is indeed still there but it integrates perfectly in the context, at the back of the bar, as a sort of post modern shelving, or in the middle of the dining area, as a sort contemporary art display.

No fault in the menu either, cooked in the open view kitchen by a merry bunch of young chefs. 3 course menu for 29,00, with a good variety of choice and excellent desserts made at request.

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