Sunday, 5 July 2015

The many marvels of the Louwman Museum

Finally, after years of living nearby and biking in front of it every single morning, I managed to visit the Louwan Automobile Museum and I must admit it's spectacular.

Even someone like me who has no driving licence and very little interest in cars (as in: "what car does she have?" "Dunno, a grey one?") spent a fantastic 4 hours (!!!) in the building.

Granted, I personally think it is quite ugly from the outside and doesn't fit at all in the surroundings, but once inside all is forgiven and forgotten.

The collection is outstanding and include a lot of unique pieces, such as a steam car powered by coal that had to be started 50 minutes before departure,  one of the few remaining first Toyotas (discovered in a Siberian barn and brought to Holland by train), one of the first Ford model T and also a Benz that was once "stolen" and driven by Mrs Benz to visit her family, a journey that made her the first person ever to drive more than 100 km ( you go Bertha!).

And the best part of it? The Louwman has now joined the Museum Card programme, so you can get in as many times a year as you wish!

If I had a driving licence, this would be my car.


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