Thursday, 19 March 2015

Minibieb: book crossing cabinets taking over the country

I had seen some of these small, nicely decorated boxes while driving or biking around.

Lately one appeared in the neighborhood so I had the chance to examine it close by and discovered that it's a book crossing experiment!

The Minibieb is basically a small library where residents can borrow books for free and leave the ones they enjoyed for other people to read.

It could be "managed" by someone living nearby, who decides to paint an old cupboard and stock it up with old books, it can be a group of neighbours with a passion for reading or schoolchildren and their teachers from a nearby school. Anything goes really.

Each cabinet also contains a notebook where people can note down what they borrowed and when, what they liked and what they would like to read.

It's also a great way for cash strapped foreign students or recent immigrants to practice their Dutch in a social an inexpensive way.

More info and how to sign up here:

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