Saturday, 5 April 2014

King of my castles: some Dutch castles open to the public

Inspired by a feature on the NS magazine, here's a recap of the Dutch royal palaces and other castles open to the public:

Paleis Het Loo, in Apeldoorn, founded by William III and Mary Stuart, which among many other things were also keen amateur botanists and imported flowers and plants from all over the world.

Paleis Soestdijk, where Juliana and her controversial husband Bernhard used to live: it has a formal English garden, Wilhelmina's Childhood playhouse and a cafe inside the former Orangerie.

Also, from the end of April till the end of August, it displays giant painted apples with portraits of the Dutch Royal family. Bizarre surely, but certainly original...

The Koninklijk Paleis on the Dam in Amsterdam, currently being used by Willem Alexander to receive guests, offers an audio guided tour with a voice-over provided by the former mayor of Amsterdam, Job Cohen. Apart from that there are also interesting paintings and art pieces...

The ruin of Kasteel Valkenburg looks also pretty impressive, with some romantic spots and a XVIII century chapel. as a bonus it's on the top a hill, always cause of amazement in the flat country.

All the castles are on the Royal route.

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