Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Wednesday - A school for the best wining and dining

No matter how much your Dutch friends are praising the virtues of the bitterballen, stamppot and olijebollen, anyone would be hard-pressed to state that The Netherlands are famous for their cuisine.

There are of course many exceptions and with a bit of luck you can manage and find a "pool" of nice eateries where you can enjoy a nice dinner or lunch.

One such well kept secrets are the restaurants of Cooking and Hotel Management schools. Here in The Hague there are several and I am pretty sure that there are more around the country.

We have been there many times and never have been disappointed: great flavours, nice arrangements, good wine pairings and surprisingly professional service. It makes you wonder if all the students move abroad at the end of their education...

Right now they are taking reservations for the Christmas dinners: they will be serving amazing seven courses affairs and I can attest that you will come out happy about the fact that you have to bike home afterwards...

Ow, did I mention the fact that the final price is seldom higher than 20 euro, wine included?

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