Saturday, 7 September 2013

Saturday - The day and night of the museums

As mentioned yesterday, this is weekend is dedicated to Den Haag as there is so much to do that it would be impossible not to.

First up, the Museum Night, which features not only the museums special openings untill the small hours, but also loads of  "collateral" events: DJ sets, special performances, pub quizzes, meetings with journalists, group yoga and a Google poetry workshop.

The issue with Den Haag is that the museums are not all at walking distance, however very fancy free purple busses (and even a boat) are driving people around for the whole duration of the event.

The ticket is 15 euro, in case haven't bought it already (otherwise it would have been cheaper) and includes transportation.

If instead you'd rather get out during the day and have a good time for free, on the Lange Voorhout, there is the first Embassy Festival, celebrating all the different cultures living in the city with a varied program of music, dance, debates and theatre performance and many food stalls (yay!).

Weather forecast for today: covered, but with little chance of rain until midnight.

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