Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Wednesday - At trip to Texel

A nice colleague of mine is planning to spend the weekend in Texel , so I got inspired and wrote down a couple of things that can be done while on the island.

Well, first thing first, enjoy the boat trip from Den Helder but be careful about eating your lunch on the deck: the sea gulls can be as aggressive and fearless as those on Scheveningen's promenade and snatch your broodje in a matter of seconds, the bastards.

Ditch the car at the hotel or at a parking near one of the villages and get a bike: this way you can get to the best, wildest beaches and enjoy the lovely weather forecasted for the weekend.

Don't forget to bike to (and visit) the famous red lighthouse: 153 steps and an amazing view await you.

Then, one should head for the pub and sample a glass of the local Texel beer: it's also available at the supermarkets (including the AH) and it makes for a nice souvenir.

For actual (but also grown up) kids, one particularly nice attraction is the Ecomare, the marine wildlife park where you can see the seals and sea-lions, two small porpoise and loads of sea life typical of the Wadden islands and North Sea.

To sum up: bring your swimsuit, don your flip flops, smother yourself in sunscreen and enjoy!

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