Monday, 5 August 2013

Monday - Off to the beach in Zeeland

Since I live in this country I became something of a weather obsessed, so the first thing I do in the morning is check my trusted to have clues on what to wear, if I should take a day off work and head for the beach or if instead I will need towel and hairdryer when I get in the office, etc...

On a lovely day such as today, it would be great to go to Zeeland, on the (white) beach near Burgh Haamstede, where the water is so clean that you can actually see your feet, no concrete towers are in sight and a kind, moustachioed man drives his adapted scooter along the beach to sell to grateful bathers ice creams and cold drinks.


Before you head to the beach, get some breakfast in the village: Harry Sonnemans' bolus (traditional spiral moisty pastry covered in sugar and cinnamon) is said to be among the best of Zeeland.

Watch the Hairy Bikers visiting the Sonnemans bakery here:

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