Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Wednesday - Den Haag Sculpture 2013

Every summer on the Lange Voorhout in The Hague, in co-op with the museum Beelden aan Zee, there's a free open air exhibition of massive sculptures representing the latest contemporary art trends in a certain country.

This year it's time for Russia. NL is celebrating in 2013 its ties with that country, from when Peter the Great came here incognito to learn the rudiments of sailing and canal digging to the opening of the Hermitage in Amsterdam.

The sculptures are quite impressive, although some may find them puzzling at times. In any case, they are surely better fitting in their elegant temporary setting than the hideous monster trucks and roller-coasters of the Queensday's Kermis.

Another thing that would be perfectly fitting under the lined trees is a proper Christmas market hosted in small wooden houses. The whole area has a sort of Dickensian quality that would make it the prettiest Christmas market in NL: in case you are reading, think about it Major Jozias van Aartsen!

Bizzare but true fact about NL and Russia's links: it would seem that Putin's daughter lives in Voorschoten.

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