Friday, 19 July 2013

Friday - Shadowplay (in the Mastbos in Brabant)

For those out there who dare complaining about these days' "heat" (it's called Summer to the rest of us) here's and idea.

Not far from Breda, easily reachable by bike from the station, there's a nice and leafy green spot called Mastbos, among the oldest of NL.

During the golden era of the Dutch naval superpower, the forest was used to harvest tall masts for military and commercial ships, hence the name which translates as "Mast Forest".

Today it has a purely recreational function, with walking and biking paths criss crossing varied landscapes, restaurants and loads of stuff to do for the kids, including a "follow the gnome" path and several wild playgrounds guaranteeing, already on the webpage, to get you all muddy and dirty.

Mastbos Breda

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