Monday, 22 April 2013

Monday - 1 frietje met, graag !

There was some excitement in my household when we discovered that the winner of this year's AD Friettest is our very own local snack bar, Jack Snack.

The bf and his mum being Dutch, we have our own almost weekly ritual involving a portion of frietjes and heated debates about the best pataat parlours.

Yesterday I tried Jacks' ones (with mayo of course) and I am now a converted: they almost taste like home made ones, due to the fact (revolutionary, it seems) that Jack changes the oil in his frying machines every day.

In the top 100 of the Dutch snack bar, there are rare gems such as the Friturologisch Intituut Schipper, in Rotterdam, de Frietboetik in Tilburg and the, not so promising, LifeLine Food&Drinks in Ridderkerk, which gets a meagre 4, surely skinner than its fries...

Sparkle added during post-production, to make them even more appetising...

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