Friday, 5 April 2013

Friday - To the woods!

Foraging is the mot de jour in these, to use the abused cliche, times of austerity.

I have however always been a fan and when I was still living back home we went often to the woods: wild asparagus, blackberries, mushrooms, flowers and herbs were among our fare.

There's a certain peculiar satisfaction in picking your own food and you always have the impression that it tastes better than shop bought one.

So I was very pleased to discover, while reading the Coop magazine, that a lady called Ria Loohuizen, author of several books on foraging, is offering guided tour into the nature in the area of Groningen to teach how to pick edible local plants. The tour ends with a dinner which includes dishes prepared with the foraged food.

Some information about a previous tour and contact details are available here and according to the Coop magazine, Ms Loohuizen can also be directly contacted at the, mentioning "plukwandeling" (= picking walk) in the subject of the email.

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