Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Wednesday - Slow food in Rotterdam

I am a sucker for all things sustainable that are so fashionable right now: farmers' markets, heritage products, long lost vegetables. A bit hypocritical too, since my clothes and house appliances are most likely made by kids in some sweatshop in the Far East. Anyway, these are confusing times.

Uit Je Eigen Stad (From your own town) is a little surprising enterprise based in Rotterdam, hidden in the quite uninspiring area of the harbour where the fruit and vegetables freight companies are located.

They grow their own vegetables and serve them in the cafe', together with locally produced meat and cheeses. The produce is also on sale and they have a stall at the monthly Rotterdam Harvest Market.

It's a very nice place to have a lazy Sunday brunch outdoor when the weather gets better or a dinner with friends in the cosily furnished interiors.

Try the pear juice: it's delicious!

UPDATE: 25/07/14

We went there for dinner Friday last week: it was a lovely, warm evening, so we sat outside enjoying the weather, the dozing cats and the roaming chicken.

Some of us had fish while other had pork and everything was lovely.

Like any proper hipster place, they have local craft beer produced in Rotterdam, which is absolutely worth trying.

Before going back, we took a walk through the fields and glass houses where gorgeous tomatoes and other veggies are grown.

Check their website out for more info on their Saturday and Sunday open air market.

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