Thursday, 7 March 2013

Thursday - Ask a Dutch granny to knit your hat

I know it's a bit of a cliche, but I have the feeling that, when the going gets though, people seek refuge in the simple things in life: home made food, a walk in the forest, an hot chocolate mug and some freshly baked cookies. Which incidentally are also cheaper leisurely activities.

Handmade stuff are popular again and a Swedish friend of mine started a knitting club last year.

When it comes to knitting I am hopeless but thankfully I have a mum who is extremely gifted with needles, woollen threads and fabric.

However, for all the people out there who don't have the time or the skills or the crafty relative, in Rotterdam a group of designers have pooled a fine selection of Dutch grannies who can knit your desired scarf, hat or mitten. They are not that really cheap, but surely they are unique and can be considered as a store of value.

When doomsday comes, you will be warm at least.

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