Thursday, 3 January 2013

The idea for the blog - Things to do in Holland (while you are very much alive)

I was at the V&A in London on the 31 December and bought a book called "Tired of London. Tired of Life" from the famous Dr Johnson's quote. One thing a day to do in London.

So I thought to myself, since I get often asked for advice and tips from colleagues and friends who have been living here for a shorter time, why not shamelessly copy the idea but ...go Dutch?

Of course, very likely most of the suggestions will be for things to do in the Randstad (the Western part of the country, where the largest cities are), however I will do my best to include things to do in other parts of The Netherlands.

Suggestions and ideas are of course more than welcome, 365 days can be long indeed...!

Ow, and before someone comments that Holland is not The Netherlands, I know, it's just the the title sounds better like this...

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