Monday, 14 January 2013

Monday - Have an hot drink with a view in Wassenaar

The beach and the dunes of Wassenaar are a popular destination in Summer, easily reachable from The Hague by bike.

However there is a spot in Wassenaarseslag that is best enjoyed in Winter, when the sky is the colour of lead, the waves are fierce and the shrimps-eating crowds of the Summer are just a remote, dreamlike memory...

On the top of a dune, with a view that on a clear day stretches from Rotterdan to Katwijk and beyond, the Brasserie De Badmeester with its glass veranda is for me the perfect spot to enjoy a cup of coffee and a slice of cake while marvelling at the fury of the elements. There are not many places in Holland where you can see things from a certain height!

Don't go there for the menu, go there for the view.

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